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Garry N. Blank

Expertise Born From Experience

Our firm was formed in 1988 by Attorneys Garry Blank and Daniel Solomon.

From a one-room office on State Street in Boston, we have grown to our current office in Sandwich on Cape Cod. Most of our litigation practice takes place in eastern Massachusetts although we have gone as far south as Florida and as far east as South Korea to represent our clients.

Garry Blank has a deep and sophisticated understanding of the inner workings of money and business. He has represented parties during numerous multi-million dollar deals, has traveled internationally to participate in contract negotiations, and is a master at dealing with insurers and health care providers in the context of personal injury and property matters.

Our associates and sub-contractors are all carefully chosen and their participation in our legal matters is essential to our practice. They share fully our firm commitment to ensure that all work coming out of our office meets with our standard of performance.

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