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We are pleased to assist you with your legal needs in the following areas:

Criminal Defense

Criminal Defense concerns the right of every citizen to receive full, fair and vigorous representation when enmeshed in the criminal justice system. It is vital that the constitutional rights of each individual be advanced and safeguarded against a system which can often be impersonal and can push for an unfair or wrong resolution. It is also necessary that each criminal defense be undertaken based upon a full and complete investigation and understanding of the facts.

This area of law that governs an individual’s relationship to the state and federal government. It includes various laws that define specific conduct that is prohibited by the state and federal governments. Some examples of criminal offenses are assault, battery, OUI, arson, conspiracy, robbery, burglary, firearm/ammunition violations, operating a vehicle while under the influence of alcohol or drugs, assault, battery, domestic abuse, and homicide.

The field of criminal law also includes protection of the right to Due Process for the accused, including arrest, arraignment, grand juries, plea-bargaining, discovery, pretrial hearings, jury selection, jury trials, bench trials, evidence, and motions. In order to prove any crime, the government must prove that the accused committed every element of the guilty act beyond a reasonable doubt – the highest standard of proof in our legal system.

We will defendant against any criminal misdemeanor or felony charges, including:

• Armed Robbery
• Check & Credit Card Fraud
• Clerk’s Hearings
• College Student Criminal Cases
• Domestic Violence
• Driving Un the Influence – DUI/OUI
• Drug Charges
• Homicide -1st Degree/2nd Degree
• Juvenile Offenses
• Motor Vehicle Crimes
• Motor Vehicle Homicide
• Manslaughter
• Old Warrants
• Petitions to Seal
• Probation Violations
• Restraining Orders
• Shoplifting
• Theft Crimes
• Violent Crimes
• Weapon Charges
• White-Collar Crimes

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