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We are pleased to assist you with your legal needs in the following areas:


Our mediation service provides experienced attorneys trained to be neutral mediators and conciliators with the ability to work toward resolving a dispute without the time and expense of going to court.

If the parties honestly wish to resolve a matter, mediation allows the parties to embark on a neutral and confidential process which provides a forum to intelligently and reasonably resolve their dispute. Mediators do not make decisions, take sides or give advice. Instead, they facilitate the discussion so the parties can better understand one another, which fosters their own creativity toward resolution.

Conciliation is a somewhat different process but with same the goal of resolution. Conciliators are attorneys trained and experienced in the type of litigation relevant to your dispute, and may provide limited guidance based on their experience of hos things may go if the matter ends up in court.

Both mediation and conciliation are voluntary, non-binding and you may withdraw at any time. We provide a safe and constructive forum to try to resolve personal, professional or business disputes, to try to determine your own future rather that depending upon the decision of a judge or jury.

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